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About game: Build a cell, fight off viruses, survive harsh worlds, and save the Platypus species! This game was made possible by a grant from the Digital Media and Learning Competition. The goal was to make a truly educational game that was also genuinely fun to play. We hope students, teachers, and gamers will all enjoy the game, and encourage you to visit, which will soon have an open forum and eventually downloadable teacher materials. The game was designed by Phoenix00017. The lead programmer was larsiusprime of Super Energy Apocalypse fame, and the art was by BGroupProduction, who created the Reincarnation series. A custom soundtrack was created by Hibiki Haruto. Also thanks to Dr. Jed Macosko at Wake Forest University and Dr. David Dewitt at Liberty University for providing lots of support and biological guidance. Thanks so much for the support and kind words – this has already exceeded my hopes in terms of a response for the game! :-D This game can be processor intensive. There are some options in the menu for reducing the graphics that may help.