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Birdys Rainy Day Skipathon

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About game: The game started out as a prototype for a Flash Lite game (think of Flash Lite as being to the mobile platform what "regular" Flash is to desktops). Back then, what eventually became our feathery adventurer was just a black piece of fluff - try imagining Birdy without his wings, legs, beak, and eyes to get an idea of where I was headed. Instead of Birdy flying from one stage to the next, a long transparent pipe would shoot down from above and suck Dude (that was his name) right off the screen. I wanted to experiment a bit with day/night cycles, and while I think the end result is quite pleasing visually, the implementation doesn't really factor into the gameplay in any way. I'll most likely revisit the feature for a later game and do something more substantial with it.