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Bubble Raid

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About game: Pop as many bubbles as you can. Your ship is the mouse pointer. Hold down SPACE or X to stop it from rotating (thanks CacheHelper for the suggestion!). Otherwise your ship turns to point toward the direction of movement. The controls take some getting used to. Play \"Onslaught\" (great mode for quick games) to get used to the movement. Flying in arcs rather than straight lines works well. Red infector bullets FTW. Bubbles can\'t see through obstacles - learn to divert their attention. I developed this game more than a year ago (actually my first flash game!), but for some reason I never uploaded it to Newgrounds. This new updated version now has NG achievement medals, NG scoreboards, a more streamlined look, and many more bubbles to pop! The course levels are meant to be hard, and you need to be able to navigate your ship through tight spaces. You have been warned!